Inside the Can


In the past you had to put shiny paint in your kitchen and bathroom so it would put up with the abuse and moisture plaguing those areas. Now you have options such as Sico’s Kitchen & Bathroom Eggshell and Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa – Matte which gives you that same durability with a modern appearance. Whatever the area demands, let us help you find the right paint for your needs and budget.

Colour Quality

Using a high quality, top line product ensures the colour you want is the colour you are going to get.


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) area organic compounds containing one or more carbon atoms that evaporate into the atmosphere. At Paint Depot we carry a large selection of Low and Zero V.O.C. products available at all price points. These paints are great for any room where you are looking to reduce or eliminate irritants during the painting process.


Higher quality paints and some hybrid technology paints may remove the need to purchase primers. We will advise you what the best option for your project is.

Splatter resistance

Quality paints will reduce splattering so the product ends up on the wall and not on your floors.

Self leveling

Quality paints are better at self leveling. This means a much smoother finish for your surfaces.